VIP Kunststoff-Vertrieb GmbH

Your competent partner for high-quality thermoplastic resins

Standard and Engineering Thermoplastics

Our portfolio consists of a wide range of well known thermoplastics, standard as well as engineering thermoplastics in requested qualities ranging from virgin, off-grades, reprocessed materials and regrinds.


This is a continuously growing and expanding product field.
Are you looking for innovative compounds tailor-made to your special requirements e.g. heat conductive, electrical conductive, magnetic detectable ?
Please inform us about your ideas!


You have the desire to upgrade polymers in colour and function ?
We offer masterbatches for self-coloring, functional additives to make conventional thermoplastics biological degradable, electrical conductive or to achieve color effects with special pigments.


In addition we offer our technical support for the choice and the processing of thermoplastic materials.
We will work out together an individuel solution for your topic of interest.
Please do not hesitate to call us or just write us an email. Let us know your ideas, problems and inquiries.