Additive for biological degradation


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The additive for „green“, biodegradable plastic products

EcoPure™ – Description

EcopureTM is a patent-registered additive for the use in almost all thermoplastic polymers converting a plastic product into a humus like consistence by the aid of microorganisms and consequently making plastic products 100% biodegradable.

We are speaking of an only time dependant process undependant from light, oxygen or any mechanical load and initiated only with the fully contact of microorganims in the environment. The more bacteria and microbes have settled on the surface of the plastics products and the bigger the surface-volume ratio of the product the faster is the process of biodegradation.
EcoPure™ – Evidence of biodegradability
Tests made by Fresenius Institute and by other undependant laboratories have proven the biodegradability in accordance with ASTM 5511. Products made with EcopureTM are ready for 100% biodegradation within 3-5 years. This is similar to the behaviour of biodegradation of wood.

EcoPure™ – Advantages in comparison to biobased plastics

–    No degradation of the plastic products by exposure to oxygen, UV-radiation or mechanical load
–    No impact on strength of the Ecopure modifed products during service life
=> no need of higher wall thicknesses of the plastic products
–    No physical impact on the production of coloured or clear products
–    No degradation during the normal life cycle of the product e.g. at storage, in window dis-plays, in
offices, at home
–    The degradation is a controlled process initiated and accomplished by permanent contact with
microorganisms in the environment during composting
–    Complete biodegradation without any toxic residues
–    Non-restrictive use of conventional production machines

EcoPure™– Uses

Packaging and products made from LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, PET, EVA, ABS, PA, Polyester, TPE, TPU, TPR, PC and PVC

EcoPure™ – Processing technologies
The EcoPureTM additive is applicable to the following processing technologies:

–    Extrusion: Blown film and cast film
–    Blow moulding
–    Injection moulding
–    Rotational mouding

EcoPure™ – Branches
The EcoPureTM-products are used for the following application fields:

–    Packaging
–    Toys
–    Wellness and cosmetics
–    Automotive and aircraft industry


–    Food packaging
–    Agriculture film
–    Toys
–    Milk, -shampoo and oil bottles
–    Yoghurt cups
–    Wellness and beauty products
–    Technical parts in automotive and aircraft industry

EcoPure™ – Regulatory

–    FDA-Regulations (21 CFR 177.1520, RZ1510
–    2002/72/EG for products with direct food contact
–    N71 for production of toys in all colour shades